You are currently viewing The Paper AdaptReview has been accepted by INTERACT 2023

The Paper AdaptReview has been accepted by INTERACT 2023

Great news! The paper “AdaptReview: Towards Effective Video Reviewing using Text Summaries and Concept Maps” has been accepted by INTERACT 2023 for publication.


Shan Zhang; Chloe Haigh; Nuwan Janaka; Yang Chen; Shengdong Zhao; Wei Tsang Ooi 


Video review is commonly performed by learners to clarify or make up the content they have missed. However, it is not well supported in current video learning environment. In this paper, we investigated how to design a technique to facilitate effective video review. Through a preliminary study, we observed learners’ review behaviors, understood challenges they faced and derived three design goals. Combining with design principles, we designed two review techniques, concept map based review (CMReview) and text summary based review (TSReview). We then conducted evaluation studies to understand learners’ post-review learning performance and review experience using the two review techniques on short and long videos. The result showed that the two techniques share similar learning performance for short videos, but CMReview brings better understanding for long videos and is preferred by most users. Finally, we discuss the implications of designing an effective video review system.

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