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Promising Research Intern Joins NUS-HCI Lab, Alqama Shaikh

Mohd Alqama Shaikh, an undergraduate student at VJTI, India, is a passionate and driven individual with a keen interest in robotics and human-computer interaction.

Hello! I am Mohd Alqama Shaikh, an undergrad at VJTI, India.

My project focuses on mixed reality and human-drone interaction for professional drone pilot training.
The domains of control systems, embedded systems, design, mathematics, and applied physics are all well embedded in robotics as a whole, which piqued my interest and motivated me to continue contributing to the world of robotics. Robotics’ wide range of limitless possibilities satisfies both my curiosity and my creative side. We may consider many of the problems we face in the context of robotics. I will treasure this opportunity at NUS-HCI to connect with individuals who share my passion for math, robotics, and human-computer interaction.

The way the world is shaped after the hard work of a handful of visionaries and a team of millions of individuals who carried forward that vision keeps me motivated and drives me to try something new without the fear of failing.

I love music! and the Indian classic is just mesmerizing.

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