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New Research Interns

Two new research interns were welcomed recently, namely: Zhang Yue and Zihan Yan.
Here is an introduction:

Zhang Yue

Hi! I am Zhang Yue, a second year NUS undergraduate student pursuing a double major degree in Sociology and Psychology. I enjoy designing – be it splashing colours on the physical canvas or conceptualising ideas using digital tools. Extracting the substance of ideas and shaping them into visual forms gives me a great sense of satisfaction! In the past, designing was more of a side job in my projects or internships. Depending on the needs of the project/internship, I designed infographics, posters, logos, stopmotion videos, and storyboards. This is my first internship primarily focused on designing and I am excited to embark on this new journey with HCI lab. I hope to explore the field of Human-Computer Interaction which is relatively new to me, pick up more skills and knowledge related to designing and research, and achieve personal growth along the way.

Zihan Yan

I am an undergraduate from Zhejiang University, major in industrial design of Computer Science College and minor in the advanced education engineering class of CHU KOCHEN Honors college. My research interests lie in intelligent user interfaces, cross-object/screen interaction, and creative digital media/industrial design. Coming from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, I pursue to further facilitate human-to-human communication by combining machine intelligence and artificial intelligence.

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