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New Research Intern, WU Youqi

We have a new research intern and an exchange student from Hongkong, WU Youqi.

Hi everyone, I’m WU Youqi, a year 3 exchange student from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Although the name of my institution has the word Chinese in it, my major is MIE = MATH + IE ≈ MATH + EE + CS that has no relevance to it 🙂
Through my past research experiences in ML/ IoT, I have realized my keen interest in discovering new things and my passion for research. In particular, I was involved in a project relying on the human activity recognition to help diagnose Alzheimer’s disease. I was impressed by the practical significance of technology, how they interact with the human world. That’s why I’m so excited when I heard I’m nominated by my
home university to join this lab. Now I’m working with Ashwin on the Auto Adapter project and looking forward to making friends with all of you!

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