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New Research Intern, William

We have a new research intern William or Wang Silang. Get to know him:

Hi everyone, my name is Wang Silang, or William, a current year 2 undergraduate majoring in computer engineering. Growing up, I have always looked up to the engineering genius behind the most defining products in our era, like Alan Turning and Steve Wozniak. Enrolment into NUS, especially after taking modules like DTK1234, has really sparked my interest in the field of design, especially in UX/UI. Despite the paucity of relevant experience in the field, human computer interaction has deeply intrigued me as an area sitting in between engineering and design, during our fleeting yet meaningful encounter during the summer Hackathon, hosted by the NUS-HCI Lab. And that is why I wish to intern here, learning from all of the endowed engineers and designers while contributing back to the current projects our lab is working on. I have already had the opportunity to know and learn from some of you. Yall are amazing, let’s go!!!!!!!!

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