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New Research Intern, Wenze

We have another research intern, Wenze from NUS.

Hello! I’m Zhang Wenze, or Winston, I’m really excited about joining the NUS-HCI lab and contributing to the research field and projects.

I’m currently a year 2 computer engineering student in NUS. I’m interested in Robotics, machine learning and human-computer interaction. As CEG student, I have realize that one of the core aspects of this discipline is to utilize both our computer science and engineering knowledge to develop products that can solve problems in people ‘s everyday live, where human-computer interaction plays a important role. For this reason, for the past two years, I have not only conducted research on machine vision and route-planning but also initiated my own project about in room fire detection. Joining HCI lab is a fresh start of my academic journey. I am looking forward to working with talented people, learning from them and I’ll try to make the best of myself. Currently I‘m working with Sonne on the SSpoon team and I‘m excited to contribute to this amazing project!

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