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New Research Intern, Chia Qian

We have a research intern from Malaysia, Tan Chia Qian.

My name is Tan Chia Qian and I’m from Malaysia. I’m currently a final-year undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science. As a CS student, I’ve been able to develop a strong foundation in several key areas. AI & Machine learning classes in NUS have given me an understanding of how models are formulated and trained. I have also learnt about search problems and how to define agents through hands-on projects such as the Pacman game and solving Sudoku. Additionally, Computer Vision classes have provided me with a strong understanding of image classification and object detection.

During my internship, I’ve had the opportunity to work on web applications that involve cloud deployment and ML-capable backends. I have worked on applications that utilize facial detection, emotion analysis, and image segmentation. These techniques have been used to extract meaningful thumbnails from a video and also apply green screen to segmented humans in a scene. It has been an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience, and I’ve even had the chance to do some research and present my findings on different CV models, object detection, and domain adaptation topics.

I plan to pursue further studies in the form of a Master’s or PhD program in this AI researching fields. I hope that the experiences I’ve had during my internship, combined with my research knowledge, will be valuable assets in helping me achieve my goals.

Outside of my studies and work, I have a passion for personal growth and development. I enjoy practicing yoga and learning Japanese in my free time. These hobbies have allowed me to maintain a healthy balance between my academic and personal pursuits.

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