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New Research Intern, Cayden.

We have new remote research intern from Canada, Cayden Pierce. Welcome to the Lab!

Here is his bio:

I am a researcher, engineer, and designer who has performed research and developed products in wearable computing, brain computer interface, and sensing. My research focuses on the boundary between man and his technological extensions, with the goal to expand human experience and intelligence.

Through a multi-year, ongoing collaboration with Steve Mann at MannLab, I have collaborated on novel wearable computing use cases, brain sensing techniques, meta-sensing technologies, fitness tools, and other inventions at the center of cyborg intelligence augmentation.

I worked as BCI Research Lead at Blueberry X Technologies, where I helped develop the world’s smallest and cheapest brain-computer interface (BCI). While there, my work included wearable BCI form factor design, spectroscopy hardware and firmware development, mobile fNIRS de-noising pipelines, and machine learning BCI Affective Computing models.

As Wearable Computing Advisor at the University of Toronto, I helped launch the “Wearable Computing Stream” at the Rotman Creative Destruction Lab (CDL), attracting over a dozen high-tech wearable computing startups and pulling together an advisory board of the top minds in Wearable Computing.

Currently, I am leading the development of the Wearable Intelligence System at Emex Labs, an Open Source smart glasses system for researchers, developers, and consumers to use and build wearable intelligence applications.

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