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Media Lunch Talk 8 Speaker

Associate Professor Zhao Shengdong talked about his work on Human Computer Interaction (HCI) entitled “The role of HCI in Metaverse” at Media Lunch Talk 8 seminar last August 10, 2022.

Metaverse is a collective virtual shared space. It converges the virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent space, seamlessly integrating these into our daily lives. However, existing interaction paradigms such as desktop and mobile computing still impose separations between the physical world (where we engage physically with our environment), and the digital world (where we use game consoles, VR headsets and computers). The digital interaction paradigm is currently characterized by humans staring at desktop or mobile screens, inputting symbols or commands using our fingers, while physical world interactions leverage different body parts for performing daily activities such as exercising, doing housework, and socializing. The eyes- and hands-busy nature of existing mobile interactions limit activities in the metaverse, and are intrusive, uncomfortable, and disruptive to activities in the non-digital space. These two worlds require humans to interact very differently, and this silo causes inconveniences to daily life. We envision a metaverse that seamlessly integrates the two worlds, such that humans can perceive and interact with them synchronistically. To embrace the metaverse, existing interaction paradigms need to be redesigned.

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