You are currently viewing “LiveSnippets” has been Accepted in MobileHCI 2020

“LiveSnippets” has been Accepted in MobileHCI 2020

The efforts of Hyeongcheol Kim and his co-authors (Shengdong Zhao, Can Liu, and Kotaro Hara) is fruitful as the paper “LiveSnippets: Voice-based Live Authoring of Multimedia Articles about Experiences” has been accepted by MobileHCI 2020. MobileHCI provides a forum for academics and practitioners to discuss the challenges, potential solutions and innovations towards effective interaction with mobile systems and services – the HCI of mobiles. The conferences are unique in bringing together researchers and practitioners in an informal and collaborative format.

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We transform traditional experience writing into in-situ voice-based multimedia authoring. Documenting experiences digitally in blogs and journals is a common activity that allows people to socially connect with others by sharing their experiences (e.g.travelogue). However, documenting such experiences can be time-consuming and cognitively demanding as it is typically done OUT-OF-CONTEXT (after the actual experience). We propose in-situ voice-based multimedia authoring (IVA), an alternative workflow to allow IN-CONTEXT experience documentation. Unlike the traditional approach, IVA encourages in-context content creations using voice-based multimedia input and stores them in multi-modal “snippets”. The snippets can be rearranged to form multimedia articles and can be published with light copy-editing. To improve the output quality from impromptu speech, Q&A scaffolding was introduced to guide the content creation. We implement the IVA workflow in an android application, LiveSnippets – and qualitatively evaluate it under three scenarios (travel writing, recipe creation, product review). Results demonstrated that IVA can effectively lower the barrier of writing with acceptable trade-offs in multitasking.

Top: John loves sharing his experiences online.In his trip to Paris, John is amazed by the magnificent Eiffel Tower (1A). He starts to describe the tower with his feelings while taking pictures of it (2A) and narrate the moments with the taken pictures (3A) through LiveSnippets; a mobile app that supportsIVA. His voice is transcribed into text and saved together with the photo and contextual information (e.g. time, location, etc.) into snippets that can be edited later (4). At the end of the visit, a draft travel blog can be generated from the snippets with a simple button click(5A).
Bottom: Mary loves sharing her cooking experiences through recipes. While preparing a dish, she launches the recipe authoring program in LiveSnippets (1B). The app starts to ask her a series of questions including the name, style, ingredients, steps of the dish,etc. Mary answers the questions one by one (2B), taking photos/videos as needed while cooking (3B). Later she rearranges and edits the snippets (4) before generating a recipe to share online (5B)

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