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LiveSnippets App Featured in NUS Computing

LiveSnippets: Voice-based Live Authoring of Multimedia Articles About Experiences by HYEONGCHEOL Kim, an #NUSComputing PhD student and his supervisor, Associate Professor Shengdong Zhao, together with their collaborators Can Liu and Kotaro Hara got featured on NUS Computing website and social media.

The article talks about how the idea of LiveSnippets came to be and the inspiration behind it.

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LiveSnippets is a voice-based, multimedia journaling app that allows the user to verbally capture their thoughts, along with images and videos. Hyeongcheol Kim (right) developed the Android app with his supervisor A/P Shengdong Zhao (left), and two other collaborators, after wondering if there could be an easier way to capture a user’s thoughts and feelings in real-time while travelling.

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