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Dr. Shen’s Pisa Half Marathon

The last task of the year was successfully completed, making this overseas half-marathon experience a perfect one. At the beginning of the year, I set a small goal of 1 hour 50 minutes for the half-marathon, and then changed it to 4 hours for the full-marathon because I had practiced well, but after a few months of interruptions back home, I changed it back to half marathon under 150 again. Before the run, I was not accustomed to the dry and cold climate in Europe, my nose was stuffy and I could not sleep well, so I was doubtful whether I could accomplish my goal. Fortunately, the weather in Pisa was good, with a sunny day of 8 degrees and little wind. The first 10 kilometers were basically easy to maintain a 5:00 pace, so I knew I was basically safe this time, and I started to accelerate at 16 kilometers. The Pisa half-marathon was a perfect ending to this year’s training, and my goal for next year is to get into the 4 hours for the full marathon, see you next year!

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