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Dr. Shengdong Zhao Gives Special Lecture in HCI at Chiang Mai University

Dr. Shengdong Zhao gives a special lecture about HCI at Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University, Thailand. The lecture happened on Friday, January 6, 2023 from 11:00-12:00 PM at Room CSB100 of the university’s Department of Computer Science.

Dr. Shen’s lecture is entitled “Towards the next generation interactive computing” with an abstract:

We live in an interesting time. Although we don’t know exactly what the future will be like, transformational change is a certainty. There are several noticeable trends: one is the change of the computing paradigm from reactive to pro-active. All major companies are working on this paradigm shift, investing heavily in AI and machine learning. This will redefine the role and responsibility of our personal devices and dramatically change our lifestyles over the next few years. Another interesting trend is the interaction shift from device-centric to human-and-environment-centric, which has the potential to allow humans to return to a more natural way of living. I will first provide an overview of my past research, and my vision/plan to contribute to grant vision of the next generation interactive computing. Realising this vision requires us to place the fundamental human values in the heart of the our research programs, and work collectively among disciplines. I hope HKUST can play a significant role in leading this historical transition and how such changes can potential benefit the local and regional society. 

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