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Dr. Chen Yan’s talk with the NUS-HCI lab and SoC

Dr. Yan Chen, Assistant Professor from Virginia Tech, USA talked about Real-Time Intelligent Programming Assistance on Friday, November 25, 2022 for the NUS-HCI lab and SoC.

Computer programmers at all expertise levels constantly rely on external support from other developers, existing documents and forums, or AI technologies while programming. However, these support resources are often inefficient: other developers may not be available on-demand to support frequent questions; web forums do not always provide personalized support or quick responses to queries, and AI technologies cannot well understand users’ intent or generalize to unseen cases. In this talk, I will share three projects to showcase how we can enable near real-time personalized programming assistance by coordinating and scaling the collective intelligence of developers and machines.

Yan Chen is an incoming Assistant Professor in the CS Department at Virginia Tech, USA, starting in January 2023. He’s currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Computer Science Department at the University of Toronto, Canada. Yan received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Michigan, USA. His research spans human-computer interaction, programming support tools, software engineering, crowdsourcing, and CS education. Yan is active in the HCI research community. His work has been published at top HCI conferences, including ACM CHI, UIST, and CSCW. He received the Best Short Paper award at VL/HCC 2020 and the Best Paper Honorable Mention Award at UIST 2022.

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