You are currently viewing Accepted into CHI ’24 — “AudioXtend” augments audiobook storytelling through AI-generated visuals

Accepted into CHI ’24 — “AudioXtend” augments audiobook storytelling through AI-generated visuals

Congratulations to the authors of “AudioXtend: Assisted Reality Visual Accompaniments for Audiobook Storytelling During Everyday Routine Tasks”. This paper has been accepted for CHI ’24.


Felicia Fang-Yi Tan, Peisen Xu, Ashwin Ram, Wei Zhen Suen, Shengdong Zhao, Yun Huang, Christophe Hurter


The rise of multitasking in contemporary lifestyles has positioned audio-first content as an essential medium for information consumption. We present AudioXtend, an approach to augment audiobook experiences during daily tasks by integrating glanceable, AI-generated visuals through optical see-through head-mounted displays (OHMDs). Our initial study showed that these visual augmentations not only preserved users’ primary task efficiency but also dramatically enhanced immediate auditory content recall by 33.3% and 7-day recall by 32.7%, alongside a marked improvement in narrative engagement. Through participatory design workshops involving digital arts designers, we crafted a set of design principles for visual augmentations that are attuned to the requirements of multitaskers. Finally, a 3-day take-home field study further revealed new insights for everyday use, underscoring the potential of assisted reality (aR) to enhance heads-up listening and incidental learning experiences.

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