You are currently viewing A paper accepted at CHI 2023: Text Spacing (Conditionally)

A paper accepted at CHI 2023: Text Spacing (Conditionally)

The paper “Not All Spacings are Created Equal: The Effect of Text Spacings in On-the-go Reading Using Optical See-Through Head-Mounted Displays” has been (Conditionally) accepted for the CHI ’23 conference, April 23–28, 2023, Hamburg, Germany.

The co-authors are Chen Zhou, Katherine Fennedy, Felicia Fang-Yi Tan, Shengdong Zhao, and Yurui Shao.


The emergent Optical Head-Mounted Display (OHMD) platform has made mobile reading possible by superimposing digital text onto users’ view of the environment. However, mobile reading through OHMD needs to be effectively balanced with the user’s environmental awareness. Hence, a series of studies were conducted to explore how text spacing strategies facilitate such balance. Through these studies, it was found that increasing spacing within the text can significantly enhance mobile reading on OHMDs in both simple and complex navigation scenarios and that such benefits mainly come from increasing the inter-line spacing, but not inter-word spacing. Compared with existing positioning strategies, increasing inter-line spacing improves mobile OHMD information reading in terms of reading speed (11.9% faster), walking speed (3.7% faster), and switching between reading and navigation (106.8% more accurateand 33% faster).

ACM ISBN 978-1-4503-9421-5/23/04.

Read the full paper here (camera ready): Not all spacings are created equal

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