You are currently viewing A Big Warm Welcome to all 8 new interns: Devin, Kexin, Nischitha, Raina, Ruichi, Samir, Scinko, and Tianqi

A Big Warm Welcome to all 8 new interns: Devin, Kexin, Nischitha, Raina, Ruichi, Samir, Scinko, and Tianqi

Our Part-Time Research Attachment Program has attracted many talents all over the world. After interviewing promising candidates and internal discussions (on which research project could facilitate a meaningful match), our Lab is very proud to introduce the eight interns who will be working either remotely or in-person across various active projects.

Here are their introductions:

Devin De Mel

I am Devin De Mel. Currently based in Sri Lanka. I work as a UX engineer at Axiata Digital labs and mainly work on Telecommunication related products. I studied communication design at the University of Moratuwa where I specialized mainly in the domains of User experience design and Interaction design. My research and project areas mainly align with education technology and social interactions. My future goals mainly align with my academic ambitions, where I want to learn and gain experiences in a research-driven environment to fine-tune my academic foundations, and to do higher studies on HCI or Interaction design to work in R&D in my future career

Kexin Zheng

Hi, my name is Kexin Zheng. I am currently a Master of Computing student at NUS. Previously I studied creative media at CityUHK, where I participated in several research projects about haptic interface and mobile computing. I am interested in AR/VR, Multimodal Interaction, and Interactive Computer Graphics. With a strong passion for art and digital media, I am motivated to create interactive tools that facilitate art creation and human communication. I am looking forward to working on innovative projects with our fantastic lab members.

Nischitha Shenoy

Hi everyone, my name is Nischitha Shenoy, or Nish, a Senior UX Researcher with 13 years of IT industry experience, currently pursuing a job opportunity here in Singapore. I recently moved from Bangalore, India and it’s been an intriguing, wonderful experience learning and adapting to Singapore culture and the warm, helpful people to say the least.
Growing up, I have always been inquisitive and self driven. In my professional career, despite taking a traditional path of progressing from being a software engineer to a Product Manager, I eventually pivoted to the UX domain as a designer and now a Researcher.
I find HCI as a field that is so vast, interesting and something that will always be relevant. By enrolling here at the prestigious NUS-HCI lab as an intern, I am sure I will gain tremendous knowledge from every Lab member, valuable experience and at the same time contribute to the NUS-HCI lab projects to the best of my abilities. Looking forward to working closely with a few of you. Cheers!

Raina Song

Hi everyone! My name is Raina Song and I am a fourth-year software engineering and commerce student currently studying at the University of Auckland!
I have always had a great passion for technology, especially emerging ones, as I believe these technologies can lead human beings to a better future. I also love HCI research because if technology is a car that can lead humans to a brighter future, then I believe HCI is the car's steering wheel. The concept of Heads-Up Computing at the NUS HCI lab especially attracted me. I'm interested in exploring how different types of interaction affect human decision-making and how HCI can be best combined with other emerging technologies to provide humans better understanding of themselves and the world.
Super excited to join the lab, hope to learn a lot from Prof Shen and all of the lab members while bringing creative and meaningful contributions to the projects!

Wu Ruichi

Hi everyone! I’m Wu Ruichi. I am a postgraduate studying Statistics at NUS. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Analytics. Although my past experiences largely fall in the field of data science, I always wanted to explore more possibilities in using technology to improve people’s life. HCI is new and exciting for me. I believe my skillset can be useful to the research of this interdisciplinary field. I look forward to working on novel projects here and learning new knowledge and skills for better interaction between humans and computers.

Samir Kumar Patro

Hi everyone, my name is Samir Kumar Patro. I am currently in my final year pursuing B.E. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and M.Sc. in Economics at Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani in India. During my time in college, I started creating 3D animated videos with a bunch of talented people. Over time, I learned various aspects of computer graphics and mixed reality. I wanted to explore different fields, upskill myself and contribute to significant research and, I believe NUS-HCI is the perfect place for me. I am excited to join the lab and hope to make the best of my time here. In my spare time, I love to watch fiction, dance, and cooking.

Xinyu (Scinko) Yang

Hi there! I’m Xinyu Yang from China and you can call me Scinko. I just graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Master degree in Educational Technology and Applied Learning Sciences. Before that, I got my Bachelor degree in chemistry from Nankai University, China. I’m currently a learning experience researcher at the School of Computer Science, CMU, working on a web application enhancing tutoring efficiency by providing tutors with personalized online training lessons and easy-to-understand student learning data. I also have experience in development and evaluation of intelligent tutoring systems (ITS), and conducting user-centered research for the redesign of an AI-empowered teaching reflection system. I’m excited to work in this lab because heads-up computing is a new concept to me, and I'm really eager to know what learning will look like in such innovative contexts.

Tianqi Song

Hi everyone! I am Tianqi, a first year graduate student pursuing Master of Computing at NUS. I’m interested in discovering techniques to facilitate user feelings by combining machine intelligence and artificial intelligence. Getting the chance to join HCI lab and work with so many talented researchers is a great news for me, since I have known the reputation of HCI lab for a long time since I was an undergraduate student. Looking forward to the following study and research experience!

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