You are currently viewing 4th (SSI & Singapore HCI) Paperthon

4th (SSI & Singapore HCI) Paperthon

What is a paperthon? 

A paperthon is a competition in which students/researchers form teams to quickly test a research idea and write a paper for it. It is time-boxed. Typically starts in the evening of a [Monday], and finishes by the evening of [Friday]. 


  • Quickly validate research ideas and learn to check if it is possible to generate a viable publication for one of the top venues in AI & HCI  
  • Provide good training for research skills. As a paperthon touches on most of the research cycle (except implementation), it helps students to review and get familiar with essential skills such as understanding the research gap, experimental design, analysis, and explanation, etc. 
  • Train students to prioritize tasks 
  • Train collaboration skills and encourage peer learning 
  • The winning team of the competition gets a monetary reward


Jan 30, 31, Feb 1, 2, 3, 2023

Supporting Faculty:

Supporting Faculty Topics Supported
Prof. David Hsu AI & Robotics
Prof. Alex Mitchell Interaction beyond the individual; games and play; user experience and usability
Prof. Simon Perrault Interaction design; mobile & wearable computing
Prof. Harold Soh  AI & Robotics
Prof. Tony Tang Interaction Techniques. Interactive Systems. AR/VR. Human/AI Interaction.
Prof. CC Yen Methodologies for design, “pluralistic dimension” of design study and research, design for healthcare and medicine
Prof. Shengdong Zhao Interaction Techniques, Modalities. Interactive Systems. Understanding users, User Experience and Usability, Heads-up Computing, etc. 

Paperthon Day 2

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